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Our dental team is committed to providing the Watertown community with professional dental services in a caring environment. Our dentists are professional yet friendly making your experience positive to you and your family.
Our dentists provide a range of dental services for our Watertown Community including Routine dental check, Prophylactic and preventive dental care, fillings, deep scaling and root planning (Deep cleaning), teeth whitening, root canals, mouthguards, veneers, same day crowns and invisible braces. We provide after hours and weekend dental services to fit your schedule and for emergencies.


We strive to meet every patient’s needs with the utmost care and attention. Every patient is important to us.


Our team happily provide dental treatments for adults and children in Watertown, Newton, Allston and Cambridge.


We are in-network and accept all major inssurance companies.


Parking are available near our office, also we can be reached by bus!


Our doctors have seen many cases and have the know how for all situations.


We are open after hours.


A company is only as strong as the team behind it.
Meet our team and find out why we're passionate about what we do.

Dr. Zakkoom (Zak)

Dr. Zak is an active member of the American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Society.
“ I have learned through practicing for more than ten years in Dubai, that you can only provide the best outcome at all times!"

Dr. Zakkoom (Zak) has been practicing the rare art of advanced dentistry since 1997 in the prestigious world class city of Dubai, where only spectacular is acceptable;
“I have learned through practicing for more than ten years in Dubai, that you can only provide the best outcome at all times!"
To further his knowledge, Dr. Zak moved to Chicago where he graduated from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Dr Zak earned his doctoral degree in Dental Surgery in 2014.
Dr Zak moved to Boston where he met his wife (Ghofran) "is the best thing that happened to me!" he said, “ I fell in love with the city, it’s heritage and diversity"... Dr. Zak is an active member of the American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Society. In his spare time, Dr. Zak can be found exploring the city with his wife.

Dr. M Kamel

Dr. M Kamel has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University.
He has a strong clinical background and is skilled in all aspects of general dentistry, including cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Dr. M Kamel earned his Doctoral Degree from Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He has a strong clinical background and is skilled in all aspects of general dentistry, including cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Kamel is certified in Invisalign therapy for select orthodontic cases, and has completed a mini-residency in implant placement at Montefiore Medical Center.
He is an active member of the Massachusetts Dental Society, and American Dental Association. Dr. Kamel is licensed to practice dentistry in Massachusetts and Illinois.
Dr Kamel is very well known for his professional and dedicated work.
Dr. Kamel also worked in biomedical engineering research, with interest in the field of tissue engineering, nano-scaffolding and stem cells bioengineering.
He has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University.
In his free time, he likes running, skiing, traveling and spending time with wife and baby girl!


We provide many exciting services that will leave you with a bright, white smile on your face!
Dental implants are the most recent innovation for restoring Missing or failing teeth that can no longer be saved with the root canal treatment

Implants composed of a bio compatible part that becomes, with time, part of the jaw. Secured to the implant is an Abutment that serves as a core for the final restoration that is the crown. Over time, bone will continue to grow around the implant in a process called Osteo-Integration. providing it with extra stability.These are designed to be long lasting, and with care can last for many years. They are not your teeth but can function just like them.

Patients with dentures especially the lower one might face a problem of reduced stability, for those lower dentures, our dentists in Watertown, will after detailed Imaging and Examination might recommend two or four implants to help stabilizing the complete denture in a procedure called Implants Over Dentures

Our dentists in Watertown office, are trained and experienced in implant placement.
A dentures or partial dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures usually made from acrylic resin and may contain other materials such as porcelain or metal. There are different types of dentures some can be fit to go over implants, some utilizes the adjacent natural dentition as an anchor.

The making of a denture usually requires a series of appointments. Our dentists coordinate appointments with our state of the art dental laboratories so that you may receive the best possible service. Even though dentures are not a replacement for natural teeth they should be made to feel comfortable and provide function and esthetics.

Dentures may be the treatment choice necessary for you if you’ve lost, or are losing four or more consecutive teeth.
Root Canal

For Root Canals upon your visit to our Watertown practice, Our dentists at Professional Dental Image perform the necessary examination, take radiographs to assess the restorability of the affected tooth, our dentists will share the findings with you and recommend the best treatment.

In cases of toothache, it is sometimes required to do a routine procedure known as Root Canal Treatment (RCT), a procedure is now performed routinely and yields much more predictable outcome thanks to our state of the art magnification tools using Endodontics Microscope.

Same Day Crowns

CEREC makes exactly this possible. CEREC stands for speed and a comfortable treatment without impression tray, without annoying provisional and with only one injection. A win-win situation: Less time taken off work and the patient get to have the best treatment. With over hundreds of CEREC crowns successfully were made and placed, our dentists in Watertown practice are trained to give you the best experience possible.

Here is how the CEREC machine works: Using a specialized 3D camera, the dentist will first scan the inside of your mouth, to be able to see a complete view of the condition of your teeth. Next, the computer will design a crown based on your scanned photo. Your customized design will get sent to the CEREC milling machine, and gets constructed right in our office. Finally, the crown gets fitted into your tooth to match perfectly with your natural smile, and you walk out within one hour and a half! Conventional crowns take a minimum of two visits to get a crown; the first visit usually consists of getting anesthesia and an impression. A temporary crown is placed until the dental laboratory creates a permanent crown. On your second visit, your permanent crown will be adjusted and then permanently cemented it into place.

There are some cases where the crown that comes back from the lab doesn’t fit properly and a second impression must be taken. Your crown would essentially be sent back for re-adjustments, and you’d have to schedule a third office visit. With Professional Dental Image and CEREC technology, we don’t waste your valuable time!

Tooth extraction

Our dentists at Professional Dental Image are well equipped to recommend the best treatment.

With the advancement of Dental Science, the ability of now restoring teeth has shifted the curve towards more successful procedures. In case of recommending Tooth Extraction, our dentist will go through it in details explaining the diagnosis, available treatments and the best outcome.

Teeth extraction can become necessary sometimes due to advanced decay or trauma, our dentists in Watertown are well trained to meet and exceed your expectation.

We understand that toothache is an emergency that sometimes requires an immediate attention, therefore our dentists are always available to answer the phone day or night whether a week day or a weekend


Veneers are the permanent solution for discolored or chipped front teeth. Unlike the bonding that is sometimes applied to chipped front teeth as an emergency solution, veneers tend to cover more, looks amazingly better and bonds very strongly to your natural tooth.

Our dentists in Watertown are comfortable designing and fabricating veneers that fit well, look amazing.

How does it work?

1. Case selection is an important step towards fabricating a natural and long lasting restorations. Our Dentist in Watertown will take Diagnostic X-Rays, take simple yet diagnostic impressions for your present teeth.

2. Our laboratory create a demonstration of your proposed treatment using wax model.

3. If both patient and dentist agree on the plan.

A veneer is a thin (1-1.5 mm) layer of porcelain, that cover the facial part of the tooth after minor prepping, after that we take an impression for the preps, now if it is a single tooth veneer, our office in Watertown has a state of the Art Cerec machine ito give you the best results, but if we are restoring your smile on more than a tooth, we will recommend asking our Laboratory, one of the top dental laboratories nationwide to create them for us.

4. We try the final product, both of patient and dentist agree to result, we permanently cement them in place.

  • Emergencies

    Our dentists at Professional Dental Image in Watertown are available. Do you have a dental emergency during weekend or after regular office hours? Our clinic is available all day every day to answer your emergency call, and if needed the dentist will offer to meet you at the practice within few hours or less weekday or a weekend !

    Our Watertown practice is equipped to perform all necessary dental emergency procedures including most recent Root canal treatment systems and Dental Microscope to assist in higher magnification which will significantly improve the prognosis.

    If you call us within working hours, we will do our best to see you in the practice a soon as you can be there, if after hours, later in the day on Saturday or even Sunday, the practice telephone number is forwarded to our dentists personal cell phones so none of our patients will have the inconvenience of not speaking to us when they need to.

    Hopefully you will have the best weekends ever, just in case your tooth is not having the best day , give us a call we are available every day including weekends to attend to your call!

  • Teeth Whitening

    When it is time for the memorable wedding picture or even the selfie with the family, we all want to have the perfect most shiny and confident smile ever. We at Professional Dental Image in Watertown take perfecting your smile very seriously.

    We recommend discussing your expectations with our dentists in Watertown, we will go through all of the necessary and up to date technologies available to better achieve your expectations

    Our Dentists have all the tools, state of the art equipment and the experience to redesign, implement and subsequently boost our patient self confidence by giving them the smile they deserve.

    Our dentists use the ultimate whitening machine ZOOM!!, Zoom!! works by using advanced blue LED light-activated technology that accelerates the whitening process, delivering dramatic results our patients will love in just one office visit. Our dentists will supplement that with a take home whitening kit.

  • Bridges

    Dental bridge is a fixed and permanent prosthesis that replaces one or more teeth. It utilizes the remaining dentition an as anchor. There are several factors that collaboratively help us determine whether Dental Bridge is the right choice and what type of Dental bridge will have a better longevity and aesthetics

  • Invisalign

    Clear braces concept has revolutionized the world of Orthodontics in many different ways, with invisalign you don't need the metal brackets around the molars neither the wires that makes brushing and flossing challenging...

    Invisalign has always been the leader in clear braces research and improvement, our dentists in Watertown are Invisalign premier providers.

    Please visit the invisalign website as the educational material is very helpful to get more infomration about invisalign.

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  • Great experience: they use one of those awesome electric tooth picks/cleaners for the gums, and give you photos of your teeth and photos of x-rays sent to your email. Very detailed and good job
    - Jeciwyn Lightworker
  • The nicest staff. Genuine service. Dr. Zakkoom has a great bedside manner and makes you feel like a priority. Highly recommend this small practice.
    - Emily Smith
  • Dr. Z and his staff are the absolute best - so kind and made me (an often anxious dental patient) feel really safe and comfortable. Best filling experience I’ve ever had, and they made sure I was doing alright every step of the way.
    - Katie Dobscha
  • Dr. Zakkom is great! He was very patient and accommodating. He explained everything in great detail. I was recovering from a cold and he ensured that I was comfortable. I am so glad I chose this place!
    - Avantika Chaudhary
  • Highly recommend the dentist, Dr. Zakkoom. He Helped me out on Saturday evening. I called the office thinking no one will pick up the phone on Saturday at 7 PM. the dentist himself answered, he listened to me and offered to see me next day, YES, HE SAW ME SUNDAY MORNING, pain relieved, saw him in few days after, treatment done, pain free now, and I have a regular dentist now
    - Nancy Connors



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